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Henan Chunyue Import&Export Co.,Ltd. is a professional manufacture with more than 20 years production experience of Concrete Mixing Plant. Today to introduce everyone about HZS60 concrete mixing plant, if you have a demand for HZS60 concrete mixing plant,you are welcome to send us inquiries.

Concrete Batching Plant HZS60 Characteristics

1.The HZS series concrete batching plant which can produce plastic concrete and dry concrete efficiently is an ideal equipment to produce commercial concrete.

2.The plant adopts the JS series twin-shaft concrete mixer which has lots of advantages such as mixing easily and efficiently long operating life facilitating maintenance etc.

3.The mixer uses the latest design procedures including electronic weighing microcomputer control digital display calculating accurately. The material loading system is also the ideal choice for producing high quality concrete.

Concrete Mixing Plant 60m3/h

Maximum productivity60
Discharging height(m)4.2
Working cycle time(s)


Outline dimension(mm)58445×12376×18704
Total power (kw)105
Total weight36T

With high performance cost ratio for construction projects

HZS60 Concrete Batching Plant Installation:

1. Installation

Installation site should be plain and well-grounded. The pithead should be higher than ground to prevent the water inflow.

Lift the mixer with lifting device and install four supporting legs connecting angle inclined strut ladder and the downward track. Then place the mixer in the appropriate place of the pit.

2. Inspection and preparation before test

Check if the connection of the motor and electric element is steady.

Check connecting bolts between two parts(especially the moving parts) and ensure they are firm. If not tight them up in time.

Check if there are sundries stuck in mixing canister and track rack.

3. No-load test

Start mixing motor. At the same time the running direction of two mixing shafts should be same with indicating direction of the signs . If there is any difference change the power connection.

4. Over-load test

Shut down the discharge door and lift the hopper after feeding. Insure that the hopper can run steadily and stop on the track freely. If there is slipping you should put the hopper into the pit bottom then adjust the big nut in brake motor.

Introduction to HZS60 concrete mixing station:

HZS60 concrete mixing station adopts double computer control system, which can automatically guarantee the continuous production control when the double machine is switched. Dynamic panel display, can clearly understand the operation of each part. Intuitive monitoring interface, clear and accurate observation of field work process. Report printing management.

HZS60 concrete mixing station is a fully automatic concrete mixing station composed of batching equipment, aggregate conveying equipment, powder conveying equipment, water supply and additive system, measurement system, mixing system, electric control system and air control system. HZS60 concrete mixing station has the characteristics of reasonable structure, excellent performance, reliable operation, convenient operation and accurate measurement. It is suitable for the production of large-volume concrete such as road, airport, port, hydropower station, precast members, commodity concrete, etc.

HZS90concrete mixing plant main characteristics are as follows:

1. The whole equipment adopts combined structure, which makes the whole machine easy to be installed and moved.

2, concrete mixing plant adopts JS1500 forced mixer, mixing of good quality, high efficiency;

3. The aggregate batching is made of PLD2400 concrete batching machine, loading machine, electronic weighing and accurate measurement. The aggregate is made of inclined belt stock. Cement (or powder such as fly ash) is stored in the cement silo and transported by screw conveyer. Water is stored by water tank or water storage tank, water supply by pump, and water quantity is measured; After the liquid admixture is stored in the admixture tank, it can be pumped to the admixture for measurement.

4. The whole process of batching, stirring and discharging is controlled by automatic control of the electric control system, which includes automatic, semi-automatic and manual control of the batching process and undisturbed switch between the three working modes; Automatic peeling, automatic drop compensation; Report printing; Power on self-check and alarm function; Operation permission management of control parameters; Computer management of recipes, contracts, raw materials, vehicles and drivers; Television monitoring; A series of domestic advanced technical advantages such as simple and intuitive dynamic process display, etc. The control system adopts imported components, works safely and reliably, has good insulation effect in the control room, has air conditioning, and a complete set of concrete mixing station has high cost performance.

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