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Henan Chunyue Import&Export Co.,Ltd is a company specializing in the production of high quality Concrete Batching Plant HZS75. We insist on high-quality service, honesty, and advanced production technology with the times. Today we mainly introduce the following high quality Concrete Batching Plant HZS75.

HZS75 concrete mixing plant technical features:

For concrete mixing plant site is small, and often inclined belt conveyor feeding station, can save up to one half to two thirds of land occupied area.

Options in beam type or stationary, steel concrete mixing station mixing main body system: as long as a few hours to install to unload from transport car, together with the control room, mixing stations and other auxiliary equipment installation, concrete mixing plant as long as two to four days can complete the preparation for production.

The stirring platform, metering platform and lifting system platform fully guarantee the need of checking, checking and repairing equipment. There is plenty of room for daily work when a protective layer is needed.

Concrete mixing plant adopts winding ascending way feeding hopper, hopper and unique design, can efficiently and dumping of aggregate, and greatly reduces the occupied area.

HZS75 concrete mixing plant conveying system:

HZS75 concrete mixing plant conveying system is divided into aggregate transmission and powder conveying; HZS75 concrete mixing plant aggregate transportation mode for lift loading; HZS75 concrete mixing plant cement and admixture of transportation mode for the screw conveyor and pneumatic conveying; Whether aggregate or powder feed, we design and manufacture as much as possible to reduce the production of dust; The conveying speed and efficiency of the conveying system are generally matched with the circulating time of the system.

HZS75 concrete mixing plant adopts the newly-modified LSY type screw conveyor, the conveyor in accordance with JB/T 7679-95 standard design and manufacture of screw conveyor, when screw axis rotation, the gravity of the material and the tub wall friction material under the push of blade moving forward.

Concrete Batching Plant HZS60 Characteristics

1.The HZS series concrete batching plant which can produce plastic concrete and dry concrete efficiently is an ideal equipment to produce commercial concrete.

2.The plant adopts the JS series twin-shaft concrete mixer which has lots of advantages such as mixing easily and efficiently long operating life facilitating maintenance etc.

3.The mixer uses the latest design procedures including electronic weighing microcomputer control digital display calculating accurately. The material loading system is also the ideal choice for producing high quality concrete.

Concrete Mixing Plant 60m3/h

Maximum productivity60
Discharging height(m)4.2
Working cycle time(s)


Outline dimension(mm)58445×12376×18704
Total power (kw)105
Total weight36T

With high performance cost ratio for construction projects

Concrete Batching Plant HZS60 Components:

HZS series concrete batching plant is composed of aggregate batcher,concrete mixer,cement supply system,water supply system, cement weighing system, water weighing system and control system.

Aggregates batcher
1. The batcherwith 3-5 aggregate hopperscan be designed as per customer’s requirements. There are independent weighing hoppers and belt conveyor under the aggregate hoppers that could be designed as steel structure type underground and half-underground types. the aggregates can be fed into the aggregate hoppers by wheel loader or belt conveyor;
2. The hopper discharging gates and discharging speed are controlled by computer via cylinder.After weighing the aggregates will be conveyed to the transitional hopper above the mixer.
3. Each of the aggregate is weighed individually the weighing accuracy is guaranteed. The accuracy of aggregate proportional ratio is realized through computer controlled system which automatically add the aggregates if there is a shortage of them it also warns us if the aggregates are overweight.
Aggregate conveyor
1. The weighed aggregates are conveyed into the transitional hopper by belt conveyor. We can use trough belt conveyor to save place.
2. The closed aggregates belt conveyor are designed to protect the machine and enable the plant to work under all-weather condition.

Mixing tower
1. Modern modular structure designed mixing tower. All parts of the mixing tower are connected by bolt and nuts structure. it is easy and fast to install and dismantle the whole plant.
2. It is equipped with maintenance and repair platforms and stairs.
3. Closed structure design closed aggregate belt conveyor and external 360 degree lighting enable the all-weather operation.
Water and liquid weighing
1. Water weighing and supplying are controlled by precise weighing sensorpneumatic butterfly valves and spherical valves which guarantee the weighing accuracy;
2. The pressurized water by water pump can spray out and mix with the materials rapidly in the mixer it can also wash the mixer thoroughly at the same time;
3. The liquid additive weighing system with weighing sensor has unique leakage-proof device. the liquid additive is mixed with water and sprayed out in the mixer;
Cement and fly ash weighing and conveying
1. Cement and fly ash are stored in cement silos conveyed to transitional hopper by screw conveyorweighed by high-precision weighing sensorcontrolled by computer.
2. The weighing hopper will discharge the cement and fly ash into the mixer by opening the pneumatic butterfly valve when the weight reaches the set perimeter and the computer will stop the screw conveyor.
Control system
1. Automatic and manual control are available;
2. Dynamic display of the production process and monitoring in real time;
3. Saving the data of production parameters in the computer printing of the daily monthly and yearly statistic reports of production.
4. Weighing accuracy:automatically re-feeding if there is a shortage of aggregate and warning if the aggregates are overweight.

The first step is to put the aggregate into aggregate batcher by loader and then weigh them on weighing hopper. Thirdly the operator should put them into the hopper of mixer by conveyor.

As for cement and water firstly they should be fed into cement weighing hopper and water weighing hopper by screw conveyor and water pump respectively. Secondly the operator should put them into mixer after weighing.

The mixer begins to work after all the materials are ready. The operator can carry away the concrete after mixing.

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Pre-sale services: enthusiasm
We provide you with the prophase plan, process flow deisgn and manufacture equipment according to your special demand.
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Send technicians to the job site for guiding the installation and adjustment, training operators and finishing the check and accept together with you.
After-sale services: Faithfulness
To establish long term friendship, we will regularly pay return visit to customers. Supply technique, building design, instruction and debugging.
Lifelong services: Reassurance
We provide one year warranty to make sure your machine runs consistently. We always offer lifelong services and provide spare parts for a long term.

HZS60 concrete mixing plant Quality:

Our company has latest technology machinery for manufacture high quality plant&machinery. Quality is the life of the enterprise and the root of clients. Our company has complete quality management system, We successfully passed CE&ISO 9001:2000 quality certificate. All products must be 8 hours test running before leaving factory. Zero-tolerance for inferiority is our goal.

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